Readings With Debra

Readings With Debra

Note: Debra is available to meet with clients during January before starting her final semester of a Ph.D Program, when she will be taking off a few months from doing individual work with clients. If you’d like a reading with her, book now, as there are only a few openings left! International School of Clairvoyance Graduate Students also do readings (more info). Free Student Readings are also available!

A clairvoyant reading is a meaningful, intensive session where I will use my intuitive abilities to access information about what is most important for you to hear, be aware of and acknowledge at this time in your life, so you can achieve your goals. These goals may simply be to feel happier, more alive, more creative, more loved, or they may be specifically related to business, finances, relationships, creative projects, etc.

​During a clairvoyant reading, I utilize many of the techniques presented in my first two books, “You Are Psychic” and “Extraordinary Psychic.”  These techniques enable me to see and communicate information through visions, image and pictures, as well as to communicate telepathically with your higher self, the spirit world and where ever else information resides. I do this simply by going into a relaxed meditative state, asking you to say your name, and then waiting for the “movie of your life” to begin. I try to turn down my logical mind, and remain in an intuitive, non analytic, non judgmental, non thinking, non advice giving state at all times.

​While you can ask me questions up front, you don’t have to. Even if you do, for the remainder of the reading, I’ll ask you to mostly just listen as conversation back and forth can be distracting. There are several visualizations I may start off with to get the information flowing. The key is to allow the intuitive information to flow through the visuals I am consciously placing up on my mental screen.​

A clairvoyant reading can be an intensive energy healing as well, because the moment a clairvoyant like myself looks at you, everything that is not really you begins to fall away, move and transform. When we set the intention for this, the effect is even stronger. What might not be you? Thought forms, behavior patterns that aren’t in sync with who you are now or what you want any more, outdated relationships, other people’s programming, many different types of external energies, etc. ​

I am confident in saying I’m quite adept at helping people raise their emotional/energetic frequencies, so that keeping with the law of attraction, they will find their old lives and ways of being falling away and being replaced with all sorts of new opportunities that are much more in alignment with who they are. Work, relationships, one’s minute to minute existence can be transformed when one raises their emotional/energetic frequency. That is one of the goals I have during a reading for you, no matter if you are fairly down in the dumps or already living a life of wonder and grace. Whether you are just needing a bit of a boost or help navigating your relationships with others who are not there yet, a reading will help.​

During a session I’ll be able to tune into the  wisdom, longing and truth of your heart, and of your subconscious mind that contains useful information for you. The goal is to make conscious what has been unconscious so that you can make new choices out of new awareness. Sure there are many ways to achieve this, but a reading can be a shortcut to this process if that is in your best interest. (We all have defense mechanisms protecting us from the truth, sometimes for good reason, but many times those reasons aren’t there anymore or get distorted, so it can take a bit of time to get past these, that’s why my readings are often fairly long).​

I do communicate throughout the readings with your guides, my own and the combination on a telepathic level.  This isn’t the focus of many readings although it can be if requested. For example, when I work with my business clients about staffing issues I’m not bringing up the subject of spirits, unless they have a particular guide or deceased relative that is really trying to come through in the moment to offer information. The spirits communicate with me in very short bursts of information.

I can’t always guarantee the person will show up to converse, but if they are present, that is very possible. If they don’t show up we can always look to get other information about their passing, their past, etc. If there are any negative spirits (or people for that matter!) that cause you difficulties in your life, I’ll help you break those connections or give you insights into how to achieve this.​

It is important to understand I don’t always get an answer for every question. No psychic does. Any that tell you they can answer any question and that their answer or information will always be 100 percent correct are not being honest.  This is true of the very best clairvoyants, remote viewers and mediums, and actually also true of every single person in any other profession including doctors, nurses, attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, etc. What I do guarantee during your sessions is that I will give you my absolute 100 percent attention, and makes use of everything I’ve learned throughout the last 20 years I’ve been doing this work non stop, to ensure you get the most out of your session.

While I can address these and have helped give plenty of people insights into what’s going on related to pain, discomfort, feeling tired, I am not a medical professional and readings are not intended to replace what you would gain from the help of a medical professional with access to more dependable diagnostic tools. I can give insights into what might be helpful for you only with the intention to receive follow-up from professionals who have the benefit of more exact diagnostic tools. Also, readings are helpful when you have visited more than one medical professional and no one could find what was wrong with you. I do not have command of an in-depth understanding of anatomy, in the same way I don’t have a command of auto mechanics (sometimes I help my spouse who is a mechanic determine what a problem is, sometimes he says my description of the long squishy tube connected to the round thing with bubbles that’s black and has some oil backup isn’t helpful because that might describe 3 other parts).

Many times there may be emotional or energetic reasons for not feeling well that don’t show up to medical professionals and these are what I can really help you with. However, I’ve had plenty of people who came thinking that their issue stemmed from an energetic problem and I discovered that something was actually more so physically wrong with them and referred them to a doctor, who then found a serious issue they could be treated for. Personally I believe that physical diagnostic tools and many medications are as blessed and holy as natural ones. Many doctors are very spiritual and intuitive people. (I know because several have been my clients and students!). Doctors and their modern-day tools often are the answer to the need for help that natural methods couldn’t provide. Energy healing can help, particularly with one’s mood and thoughts and reducing pain, but if you have a disease, a serious damaged body part modern allopathic medicine can often help a lot more.

Many people fear getting a reading, because they are afraid the psychic will see something bad in their future.  The future however is very dependent on how one thinks about and behaves in the present,  therefore during a reading, I will look at what you need to do in the present to have the life you desire in the future. Much of the future is very dependent on your past and present choices, so I tend to focus on these.

I tend to not get a lot of disturbing information about the future, disturbing as defined by the client and myself.  Sometimes I do get a particular warning that includes advice about what a person can do in the present to change a potentially negative future.

Others are nervous they will be judged. None of us are perfect. We are all on a path of learning and growing and being human is very messy business!  I’m used to discussing extremely intimate issues. I’m now 50 years old and most of the judgments I had as a younger clairvoyant have been tossed aside with a mature understanding that we are all just trying to get by in life the best we can.​

A client’s confidentiality is of the utmost importance. If there is anything you are nervous about, or if you are in the public eye and the stakes are too high someone might discover who you are, you don’t need to give me your real name or any information about yourself. But it would be helpful if you let me know it’s not your real name as I use a person’s name to tune into them. You wouldn’t want to ever use your relatives name or anyone else’s name you know though, because I might tune into them instead of you. You could also just give me your first name. Please only do this however if you really have a valid reason as it can be confusing and harder to tune in to names that are not truly your own.​

Scheduling: If you would like further information before making your decision, please contact me at It’s our top priority to be responsive so if for some reason you don’t hear back within a few days regarding any inquiry, feel free to get in touch again. Know sometimes, I am my own assistant, therefore it might take me a little while to respond with the call in information after you book a session.

Please choose a date and time from the online scheduler. You can make your payment at that time or come back here and make your payment any time 48 hours prior to your reading. You can always change your date and time even at the last-minute, but that means that you may have to wait again for another available appointment.

​Some people who are desperately seeking a reading immediately find that by waiting a little bit, they are able to release some of the intensity of emotion about a situation, so that by the time of the reading, they can better hear and absorb the information coming in, and then the reading is less about helping them overcome their immediate anxiety, but more about given them insights that help them cope or overcome a particularly difficult situation.

Of course if there is a life or death issues, let us know, there are exceptions to every rule here!

Also, I’m always happy to refer you to one of our graduates turned professionals.


​How many reading slots are available each week?
Currently, because I teach so many classes and am also in a Ph.D program, I only have a few reading times a week and sometimes I’m booked up a few weeks to a month in advance.


While I do all I can to keep our appointments, sometimes life happens and I have to reschedule. Because of this, I don’t get bent out of shape if you have to reschedule, even at the last-minute, providing you have already made your payment.

Who calls who at the time of the reading?
We have a few options. If you’d like your session to be recorded, you will receive instructions once you book through the booking calendar how to get a phone number and pin number that you can call into at the time of our call. The teleconferencing system will automatically produce a a very easily downloadable mp3 link. You can use any phone or Skype through this easy to use system. This will be an audio call only since I only want to see you with my clairvoyant eyes, not physical ones (at least during the reading!), since it’s best to not have any visual distractions or cues.  If you don’t have an interest in hte session being recording, once you book you can let me know that and I am happy to call you on any number of your choice, whether phone or skype to skype..

When you enter your selection for the time and date into the online scheduler you will be able to make your payment. Please schedule your appointment via the instant scheduler and it will allow you to make payment at the time of booking via Paypal (which will allow you to use a credit or debit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account of your own). You may delay payment up until 24 hours prior to your appointment, but the system will automatically cancel your appointment if not paid by then.

Debra just opened only a few days to meet with clients during January before starting her final semester of a Ph.D Program, when she will be taking off a few months from doing individual work with clients. If you’d like a reading with her, book now!

Thanks to a new conferencing system that makes recording easy to do and to send, I will be happy to record your session and send you a mp3 recording link soon after the session. Not everyone is interested in a recording, so please let me know when you write to schedule the reading if you would like this, as I will need to do a few extra steps to set up the call and get you the phone number and pin to call into. You are also welcome to just record on your end and in that case I can just call you. There is no extra charge for recording the reading. The recording is just for your use only. Please understand the recording is a courtesy and due to rare but possible technical difficulties cannot be guaranteed.

General Protocols
Nothing will be required of you during the reading except for you to sit still and listen. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of the reading and at any time throughout. At the start of your call, I’ll ask you if you’d like to ask some specific or general questions or first just see what comes up. Then half way through I usually ask again if you have questions. You don’t have to give feedback and I will ask very little of it from you. (Occasionally I might just ask if what I’m saying is making sense). What I do ask from you is that you don’t have noise in the background like a TV, that you don’t walk around or drive or do the dishes (unless the reading has gone way over and you are late picking up your kids, just let me know that you are going to have to start moving around while I talk, if that’s your only option besides ending the call).

While you can be interactive and speak up during the reading, you will likely get more information out of the reading if you mostly listen. I ask that you don’t have anyone else in the room during the reading. The reason for this is that it’s so easy to pick up on their energy and this could cause interference. Also, most first time clients don’t realize the level of personal information that can come up.

Please only book a session if you are sure you would like one. If you change your mind prior to the reading you may have a refund, but please understand this creates a difficulty with our payment processor and there may be some processing fees deducted. You may however change or reschedule your appointment, even at the very last-minute, with no penalty or excuse needed. It is important to understand that if you proceed with the session there will be no refunds. You are paying for my time and effort. This is our policy, because I tell you how it is, not what you want to hear. It will become readily apparent that I am doing everything I can to get as much accurate, helpful and detailed information as possible, but I cannot guarantee what information will come through, no psychic can, that’s what makes it challenging to do this work. I can guarantee that I will do my very best job possible.Keep in mind that a certain amount of information will not be confirmed until a future date, and that what ever you may think your future will look like there will undoubtedly be some changes. There is also going to be information that you aren’t aware of right now, so not everything is going to make sense in the moment. So you are paying for a highly experienced clairvoyant readers time. Also rest assured, you can also swap out credits, so if you pay for a reading, but then decide you want to do the training or a workshop, your payment can be applied to the training instead. You can also gift your readings to someone else.

International Clients
As noted above, we ask that you either call us at the time of the reading via phone, (unless you are in Canada, then no problem to call you) or we can easily set up a voice only call via Skype. If you don’t have a computer, I can call you Skype to Skype or from our Skype to your phone. If you don’t understand English well, you are more than welcome to provide your own interpreter. If you don’t have one, we can usually find one for you, but you will have to pay extra for whatever that interpreter’s rate is.

Length of session
1 hour – We usually need about 10 minutes to get started once we are together and then the sessions themselves are approx 1 hour, but I may and often do go longer so plan for some extra time (you will never be charged extra, or asked to pay extra if we do go over). We can usually get to a few questions. The less questions, the more in-depth we can go into each one but that being said, I’m used to long lists of questions so bring them on and I’ll help you decide what’s most important once we meet.

Gift Certificates are available
We will send to whomever you like via email. However, please consider when giving a reading as a gift whether or not the person will really be open to getting a reading. Don’t use the reading as a means to convince them this stuff is real. If you know the person enjoys getting readings, and understands there is more to life than just what the eye can see, and feels like they will use the reading as a pathway to greater understanding of themselves and as a tool to take steps in their life, then this will be the perfect gift.

What do you need to do during a reading?
Not much! Plan to just be in a comfortable position. While you can move around its best to not have background noise or other people in the room with you if possible. If you have to get up or take a break during the reading that’s never a problem. Just do your best to have minimal noise on the line as that will sometimes distract me. We can work out any sound problems together once we are on the call.

I do hope to have the opportunity to meet with many of you so please feel free to book now!

Session Fee: $275