Remote Viewing Training

Summer 2019 starts June 15!
Remote Viewing class will meet Saturdays at 10am Pacific / 1 PM Eastern time and runs 12 weeks.

Early (Discount) registration (before May 15, 2019) is $900. Late registration is $1200.
Seats are limited! This course is taught via highly interactive webinar*  format  (hosted on Zoom).
Classes are 3 – 3.5 hours per week.


 What is “Remote Viewing?”

Remote Viewing (RV) involves the use of the physical body, of one’s imagination, and a set of disciplined protocols that are then applied for the purpose of gaining information about the physical world not “ordinarily” accessible  through the known senses. Remote viewing can be used to obtain information about people, but the main focus is on obtaining information about locations, objects, activities, events, photographs, etc. In this introductory course, taught by Debra Lynne Katz, you will learn how to use remote viewing to describe anything in the physical world – find lost objects, describe locations, people, photographs, and have fun!

Debra, with occasional special guest teachers, will ensure you gain a solid foundation in remote viewing. You will learn a variety of techniques, and core concepts and approaches borrowed from methodologies such as Controlled Remote Viewing, Extended Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing and Dream ESP.

​The Course Format:

Classes are 3 hours long. Weekly homework assignments will be given as well. Class is recorded so if someone misses a class they can listen to a recording but attendance is recommended since it is so interactive.

By the end of class you will have remote-viewed numerous targets in 12 weeks of all different types and subject matter. The goal is to have a full intuitive toolbox you can draw from for every situation.

Targets may include (but not be limited to):

  • Pictograms
  • Ideograms
  • Simple and Complex Real Objects
  • Artificial photos or paintings
  • Simple & complex locations
  • Longitude/Latitude Coordinates
  • Air Navigational Charts
  • Searching for things, people, pets
  • Activities and Events
  • People (profiling, physical and psychic interviewing techniques)
  • Out bounder Exercises
  • Future Newspaper Articles
  • Letters, Numbers

Amp up your skill level whether you are brand new or experienced, and at the same time, have a blast!

End goal: to be a well rounded remote viewer with plenty of techniques and approaches at your disposal so you can handle viewing any target, a wide variety of targets, situations and experiences as a remote viewer and go on to work with any project manager, instructor or research subject. Specific attention will be given to helping you to describe lost and missing objects, pets and people.

See full course schedule for 2019, tuitions and pre-registration info.


* The ISC Remote Viewing class is taught via webinar. ISC Webinars utilize an internet-based program allowing for constant interaction, communication, and participation by students, who will be able to see their instructor’s screen and occasionally share their own. A good internet connection, built in, or external headphones and microphone will be needed. Webcams will not be used because these can be distracting when one is doing intuitive based exercises.