Clairvoyant Training Level 3

This course is only currently offered once a year, in the fall semester.
The dates of this course will be announced soon!

Finally! After years of Level 2 graduates asking  for a Level 3 class, it is here! This class is only offered once a year so register fast. Prerequisites are Level 1 & 1 Clairvoyant Programs taught via the International School of Clairvoyance.​

While this class is not essential to take for those on the path of developing their psychic abilities, you will move to expanding your skills set and comfort level while having a lot of fun.

We’ll do a mixture of reading new people, each other, and known figures from leaders of all types we wish to emulate, to criminals who we will profile to hone investigative skills, to lots of people in between. We will also work with dreams to increase precognition and achieve goals.

While there have always been those leaders throughout time who refuse to give into the restraints imposed upon them by societies prevailing thought forms, beliefs, and limiting power structures, we find ourselves at a time when all people, throughout the world have the opportunity to thrive, prosper, grow, and lift themselves to new heights in ways never thought possible before. The world needs strong leaders, teachers, advocates, protectors, and those who continue to raise the bar on the meaning of “freedom”.

In this class, that is not for the weary, spiritual truths and powers that are inherent in all religions will be explored and harnessed. While we will explore the very blueprints of our souls, we won’t be as focused as where we have come from, but rather where are we going and what reality we wish to create ahead for ourselves. We will seek to change the very reality we are currently existing in on an energy level and pave the way for the millions of souls who will soon be embarking on a path of greater conscious awareness, of all they are capable as intuitive’s, healer’s, teachers and creative beings, whether these souls are people or are personalities soon to descend upon this planet. We will also look at how we can alter physical matter as well, through PK experiments, telepathy, telekinesis, intensive clairvoyant readings & healings / deprogrammings, all for the purpose of healing, abundance, creativity, well-being and fun.

If this sounds intense, well, it will be, but we will be in it together. Whoever signs up for this class will do so with the idea that mediocrity in this life, playing by the rules of those in society who don’t even know their own divinity or wish to keep the secret of this from others, is not an option.



  • Help students to fine tune, polish, and hone their psychic and healing skills to higher levels of proficiency and efficacy so they can continue to help others in the highest way possible
  • Work on skills (like reading letters and numbers) that we haven’t had a chance to do in other classes
  • Help students increase their leadership skills and confidence to prepare for what is about to come
  • Help students overcome limits and deal with the fact that they have already gotten to a place with their intuitive skill level that most humans will never even understand
  • Help students learn how to uplift their own mental and emotional states and other people’s with even greater fluency and easy
  • Dream ESP
  • Practice with Letters and Numbers
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Help students enter deeper into the realm of miracles and magic and empowerment
  • Introduce sketching and artwork as methods of reading and healing people


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