Clairvoyant Training Level 2

Summer 2019 starts June 16!
Clairvoyant Level 2 classes will meet Sundays at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern time.
Early (Discount) registration (before May 15, 2019) is $1500. Late registration is $1800. Seats are limited!
Classes are 3 – 3.5 hours per week in a teleseminar* format


The journey you began in your ISC Level 1 Clairvoyant Training course continues with the 12-week Advanced Clairvoyant (Level 2) Training course — an in-depth exploration of your mediumship, telepathy and psychic healing skills. As with all our various psychic skills training programs, this is as much a self-healing / transformation / alchemic program as it is a hardcore, intensive psychic abilities training course. The overall mission is to bring you to your next level in your personal, spiritual and professional growth.

Students who are graduates of the Clairvoyant Level 1 Program will find themselves moving to a place of even greater competency, confidence, and control over their clairvoyant abilities. While clairvoyance is emphasized, you will learn how to control and work with all your psychic abilities. Students will enjoy learning and practicing new visualization “templates” and protocols for accessing helpful information about themselves and others. These include:

| Life Path Readings | Soul Reading |Past Life Readings | Mediumship Readings | Akashic Records Readings | Health and Wellness | Past, Present and Future Timelines |

We Will Cover:

    • Multiple personal relationships (2 or more people)
    • Multiple goals and their relationships
    • Multiple life areas (career, finance, spirituality, children, etc.)
    • Reading and healing aspects of one’s own self (masculine vs. feminine, ego vs. soul)
    • Reading and healing one’s Meditation Space and visualization tools
    • Thought forms and emotional space
    • Troublesome / trickster entities

You Will Explore:

    • Difference between reading in, and out of, the body
    • Difference between reading with space in between a subject and merging with a subject
    • Healing from within and out of the body
    • Reading and healing on one’s own vs. with aid of a guide
    • How to use sketching/drawing for reporting, tuning in and probing

You Will Master:

    • Working with client’s questions
      • particularly in reading the “question” behind the question
      • and finding the core “picture” or “issue” behind the question
    • Understanding their own emotional responses and mental blocks to providing clear and honest communication
    • Healing the healer within
    • Further techniques for self-protection
    • Setting boundaries with clients

You will be given greater practice challenges within a continued supportive, supervised setting to prepare you for the variety of situations you could eventually encounter when doing readings on your own.

  • These will include one on one and small group readings with other students and reading
  • Working with occasional guests and volunteers invited to class in an indepth manner
  • Participating in an in class “psychic fair” doing lots of short readings back to back.

Students will also be run through lessons and scenarios to prepare for:

  • Perform in person readings as opposed to phone readings
  • Perform email or distant/client absence readings
  • Reading at parties, expo’s, fairs.
  • Read for other businesses such in spiritual bookstores
  • Starting one’s own reading and healing practice.
  • Incorporating clairvoyance into other therapeutic, physical or healing somatic modalities.

Individual needs, levels of experience, talents and confidence level is all taken into account throughout the class. So some students will be given assignments/homework, etc that others may not get or may get at a different time.


Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the class after meeting requirements for attendance & participation.
This may be the last semester Debra teaches these classes exclusively!

​These courses will fill up so do not delay! Tuition for Level 2 program is $1500 prior to December 20, 2018
 Please contact us before registering to see if you qualify for the Level 2 course.
See full course schedule for 2019, tuitions and pre-registration info.

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* Clairvoyant Level 1, 2 and 3 classes are taught through audio only so students focus on the internal screen of their mind instead of on their computers. Students will dial into a phone number that is located in California and enter in an assigned pin number. They can use any type of phone, style or assigned web link, but will need to be hands free. The teleconferencing system allows for free communication, intensive interaction and participation by students through a unique set of audio features that make it possible for supervised practice with partners and smaller groups.