Clairvoyant Training Level 1

Summer 2019 starts in June!
Clairvoyant Level 1 classes will meet on Tuesdays at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern time
OR 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern on Thursdays (your choice). First classes are June 11 or 13.
Early (Discount) registration (before May 15, 2019) is $1500.
Late registration is $1800. Seats are limited!
Classes are 3 – 3.5 hours per week in a teleseminar* format


Learn the art and practice of clairvoyant reading and healing — a fun, exciting, intuitive method involving the use of visual symbols and other guided imagery that can be worked with to access helpful information about all aspects of a person’s self and life, and to create positive change. Weekly in-class  lessons include open questions throughout class, guided meditations and self-healing, manifesting exercises, lectures, discussions and large group, small group and one-on-one practice sessions. Additional group practice sessions and homework supplements this enriching learning experience.

You will learn to access, enhance and make use of all your intuitive abilities (even those never experienced before), including:

| Clairvoyance | Telepathy | Clairaudience | Clairsentience | Claircognizance | Somatic Intelligence | Energy Healing |

Learn powerful meditative and energetic healing techniques for helping yourself and other to:

  • Become more focused, grounded, centered and effective in the world
  • Access deeper parts of your own personality, power and wisdom
  • Release Stress and Tension
  • Let go of obsessive and anxious thoughts
  • Overcome obstacles to achieving and manifesting goals
  • Start the flow of intuitive information, probe for greater details, and to bypass false analytic-based interpretations
  • Communicate intuitive-based information ethically, effectively and honestly with others
  • Control one’s own emotions that can easily distract or distort information

Class exercises will teach you how to:

  • Turn down one’s analytic mind, turning up one’s intuitive self
  • Transform negative or traumatic mental pictures into useful ones
  • Discover your own natural visual language and how this relates to emotions
  • Read and Healing relationships and manifesting goals
  • Communicate with spirit guides and deceased loved ones
  • Read and healing auras and chakras
  • Remote view locations and objects

Avoid (or overcome) bad psychic habits such as:

  • Fishing for information through excessive verbal questioning
  • Seeking constant validation from your client
  • Giving analytic inspired advice instead of intuitive guidance
  • Allowing your emotions or need to be liked to get in your way
  • Being completely dependent on any physical divination tool outside yourself (rather if you already use a divination tool such as tarot cards you will be helped to have the cards appear visually rather then having you use them in class)

This class will support all other forms and methods of intuitive, therapeutic and healing work. This class is for beginners through professionals. Whether you’ve got absolutely no idea how to even get started, or you wish to supplement a current therapeutic practice with use of your own intuition, or you’ve been doing psychic work professionally for years and are wishing to bring your practice to the next level through increasing your clairvoyant and letting go of bad habits, this class is for you.


An intense desire and willingness to learn about and enhance your own intuitive potential.

Your Instructor:

Debra Lynne Katz has been teaching clairvoyant reading and healing for over 20 years and has perfected her approach to ensure students progress efficiently (yet comfortably), according to their own needs, moving them towards independence, growth and empowerment as quickly as possible.

See full course schedule for 2019, tuitions and pre-registration info.


* Clairvoyant Level 1, 2 and 3 classes are taught through audio only so students focus on the internal screen of their mind instead of on their computers. Students will dial into a phone number that is located in California and enter in an assigned pin number. They can use any type of phone, style or assigned web link, but will need to be hands free. The teleconferencing system allows for free communication, intensive interaction and participation by students through a unique set of audio features that make it possible for supervised practice with partners and smaller groups.