ISC Benefits

Some of the benefits of taking courses with the International School of Clairvoyance are:

  • Active weekly practice groups for all students and graduates where volunteers can receive free readings and healings.
  • Newly launched graduate professional readings offering lower cost readings and ongoing practice opportunities for graduates (more info)
  • 100  Readings Honors Society – any graduate that reaches 100 readings (1 hour each) gets to be a member of this society with mention on our site and link to their own personal or professional page.
  • We  have an active social network open to the public. This provides further one on one opportunities for students with other members of this site . This is also where present students have their own class “groups” and past ones can still access their class recordings and stay in touch with fellow class mates. (more info)
  • Remote Viewing practice targets: We have a large collection of free practice targets that include collections of target types not found anywhere else such as those having to do with animals, people, letters/numbers in addition to location and object-based ones. This is a  valuable resource for new and advanced students, practitioners wishing to keep their skills sharp and also researchers who need target pools for psi-based projects.
  • Occasional holiday free webinars for the public where students who are on a professional track in their own careers or working on these goals within the classes get to share their own meditations or exercises with the general public.
  • Our 12 week classes that happen four times a year (more info)